CMA Live Online Course - Part 1

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For CFA, DipIFR & Digital Marketing:

Course Package - Advantage
1,013,211,307,800.00 LBP 230.0 LBP
Course Package - Premium
1,273,195,807,500.00 LBP 190.0 LBP
Course Package - Advantage WD
967,236,495,300.00 LBP 155.0 LBP
Course Package - Premium WD
1,227,220,995,000.00 LBP 115.0 LBP

CMA Live Online Advantage Course 

Sharpen your CMA exam-taking skills in a virtual and interactive learning environment, guided by certified expert instructors. Access the following tools and resources with two different packages


  • Instructor-Led Live Online Lectures

  • Meet & Greet Session

  • Recorded Course Lectures 

  • Practice & Review Sessions

  • 24-month access period

  • Printed Textbooks - Part 1

  • Digital Textbooks

  • Digital Flashcards

  • Multiple Choice Questions

  • Essay Questions

  • Lecture Videos

  • Simulated Exams

  • Personalized Review Sessions

  • Unlimited Practice Tests

  • Success Coaching

  • Academic Support

  • Online FAQ Database

  • Additional Background Topic: Accounting Cycle

  • Technical coaching and support by Morgan experts on eligibility, exam application & scheduling, and meeting certification requirements

  • Morgan Promise (course re-take tuition free)

CMA Live Online Premium Course – Full Parts Registration Only


  • Includes the Advantage package resources for both parts with Unlimited Access Period and additional 2 Continuing Professional Education courses.

You will access the Premium Package resources with full parts registration only. 

Date & Time

September 14, 2021

Start - 2:00 PM Monday

November 22, 2021

End - 7:00 PM Etc/GMT+2

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