Why Morgan’s CPA Live Online Course?

If you are considering studying for the CPA, there is a better than average chance that you are already leading a busy life that involves holding down a full-time job. Studying can be stressful enough even when it is done remotely without having to travel to attend part-time study groups. Studying alone for the CPA also has its drawbacks in terms of motivation and ultimately accountability (excuse the pun) which is why hooking up online can provide some real benefits.

Studying for the CPA online with Morgan

Morgan provides a Live Online CPA exam review that is scheduled and delivered to fit around your busy lifestyle. This is delivered through over 100 hours of lectures and instruction from industry education experts. Below we take a brief overview of some of the reasons why this method of learning and preparation is the ideal training format.

Live support

Unlike many other distance learning methods, the Morgan online program is a live teaching and study package including the Becker CPA review material. With 114 hours of live review sessions that include 4 simulations for each section, students on the program benefit from a full 12 hours of simulations. The live support that the course provides gives the added motivation and accountability that is missing from other remote learning programs.

Comprehensive learning materials

One of the main features of the Morgan Live Online CPA Course is that it has been skilfully designed to mirror the actual examination through 2 mock exams. The comprehensive learning materials and the course structure have been carefully compiled in detailed modules to ensure that they work towards this end result.

Feedback and interaction

The Morgan Live Online CPA Course doesn’t “pile on” the materials and then leave students high and dry. The course provides immediate feedback and query resolution through a live chat facility. This is manned by the programs expert instructors. Students using the program are able to take advantage of real-time learning without the need to physically attend a traditional teaching venue.

No nasty surprises

By using the course materials supplied and interacting with the innovatively designed program, students then have the advantage of experiencing a real-time examination simulation. Morgan and Becker are both confident that through these tried and tested methods, candidates that go on to sit the CPA won’t be lining themselves up for any surprises.

The program runs throughout the year and the next live online course begins in January 2019. Now is the ideal time to take advantage of all that the Morgan offers. Click here to enroll!

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22 janvier, 2021
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